Black History Month Celebration

Hazel Crest celebrates Black History Month

Talented young people, artists and dancers entertained an audience of over 100 residents during the Village’s 2010 Black History Month celebration on February 24 at the Senior Center.

Among those giving amazing performances were the Thornridge Jazz Band, the Hillcrest High School Chorus Ensemble, the Pink Panthers Double Dutch Team, the Thornridge SAVE Drill team, and the extraordinary Minianka African dance and Drum Ensemble.

Hazel Crest student Jordan Culpepper, a young entrepreneur who sells political and inspirational buttons, gave a rousing motivational speech

In addition, students from Robert Frost Middle School and Prairie Hills Junior High School read original poetry celebrating Black History. On display at the Senior Center was beautiful artwork created by students at Mae Jemison School, Nob Hill School, and Prairie Hills Elementary School. Professional artists Alan and Aaron Hicks also displayed their stunning artwork at the Senior Center and in the lobby of the Municipal center. The Civil Air Patrol, which meets on Wednesdays in Hazel Crest, also participate din the event.

The Village hosts a Black History Month every year. Watch HCTV-4 for the 2011 celebration’s date and time.  If you are an artist, performer or organization who would like to take part in the 2011 celebration, please call 335-9600, Ext. 106 and leave your name and number.


Student poems read at the 2010 Black History Month celebration

“What is Black History Month”
By Tara Pollard
Robert Frost Middle School
Ms. Montgomery, 7th Grade

Black History Month is a time when we remember the African Americans who helped our nation evolve into what it is today.

Black History Month is a time when we remember the people who were more popular when they died than when they were alive.

Black History Month is a time when we honor those who have died for our freedom.

Black History Month is a time when we celebrate those who have set goals for themselves and reached them with great honors, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Sojourner Truth.

Black History Month is not about you or me, it is about those who have struggled with pride and determination to make this once racist world better.

This is Black History Month.
This is what it means and
This is why I love it.

“I Am”
Arianna Young
Robert Frost Middle School
Ms. Montgomery, 7th Grade

I Am Black History
Everyday February just paved the way
To stand up tall and say I Am Black
And I am proud I Am Black History
Here to say we have come so far
As you can see that is why
I Am Black History

“Black From A Black Man”
Jalon Tillman
Robert Frost Middle School
Ms. Montgomery, 7th Grade

February 1st starts the month
When everybody
And everyone starts
To talk

February 1 starts the month
When people step up
To do what
Is right

February 1 starts the time
When black men
And black women act as if
They have a sense of pride

Now I ask why it takes
Black History Month






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